Old Masters

Portraits in the style of the old masters of art

A4 format photo montage in the style of old masters. Select one the old masters we suggest or send us a photo of the painting you want us to use for the photo montage (make sure there is no copyright on the painting/photo).

PRICE:  (prod_18_price), incl. VAT


Please note: when ordering this photo montage, you can only order one photo montage at the time on the order form. Depending on the photo montage you choose, you can upload multiple files that need to be used for the montage. Example: you want us to use the Jan van Eyck painting (see below); then you upload two photos with portraits or one photo with a portrait of two people.


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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.